French & Saunders – Awful Art Dealers – Best Funny…

I love almost everything they’ve done, but I think this is one of those overlooked sketches, and as I’m a MASSIVE fan of funny voices, especially silly posh ones, I love this one. Just a shame Brian Sewell didn’t actually come, with him saying “Can you speak properly, I can’t understand a word you’re saying!”

Best bit – when they stand in front of the picture that the customer is looking at, Dawn’s especially funny 😉

Sorry about the poor sound, this is the original TV VHS recording; I’ve since learnt how to clean this up.

Love you F&S thanks for all the funny – Jx


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  1. This often extends to shop assistants, and not necessarily ones who sell anything of any particular worth. Once a very well-off elderly lady I knew, who used to dress very plain, was all but asked to leave a perfume shop, and got so infuriated she told them she could buy and then sell them and their entire shop in the blink of an eye.. Those poor souls aren't even worth fyaftya pyance. Great sketch.

  2. This was so funny, theirs a decore shop in my town owned by two women just like this. their husbands are very rich and they pretty much only run their store just to feel like they contribute. Their narcissistic cunts…but they sell some good shit and if you can get over the fact their judging you and kiss their arses enough you get some pretty good bargains 



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