pashto joke,, not for Girls

just for guyz lol


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  1. Shame on this stupid pathan! They are terrorist, smuggler , daughter
    sellers, these pathan sell their daughters for the sack of money. Whole
    world is fed up with these shitty pathan. They started terrorism,
    weapons business, robbery . America is doing good through drown attack.
    Kill these dirts.These are stupid Pathan who don't the manners of offering prayers,.
    Pathan are azab on Pakistan. Since these illitrate came from Afghanistan
    they started illigal business, terrorism and weapons bussiness.

  2. can all those animals who are Pashtoons stop calling us Peshawris your brothers. We peshwaris are called Pathans. We pathans are from Pakistan. The fact of the matter is pashttons are cross-bred between gypsies from gujarat and Mongols. Pashtoons need to go back to gujarat. Pashttons were brought from India by the Mongols to afghanistan. Pashtooins destroyed the land of the tajiks and now are destroying our beloved Pakistan. Pashtoon have been in power in afghhnaistan for the last 200 years because they're selling themselves to the foriegn powers. Doost Muhmmed Khan (a pashtoon) sold his country to the Britsih and was brought to power by the british. Taraki,hafizullah Aimeen, Babarak Karmal (all pashtoons) sold their iman to the russians and were presidents during soviet invasion of afghanistan. Karzai (pashtoon) sold his mother to the americans. Talibas (pashtoons) are whabis fowlloiwing orders from arabs and killing people. Ashraf Ghani (pashton) his wife is christian and all pashttons are voting for him. Ashraf is christian too. 
    Pathans are peshwris and we're proud pakistanis. 



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